Two pearls of the Web

The Web is not as streamlined as Google search would have it. While some threads, being moreā€¦ sticky, snares more eyes does not mean those threads are the threads we want. And it is not sure that those sticky threads are the threads we need.

Don't get me wrong. Not all threads leading to large nodes, streamlined as they may be, are bad. On the contrary. Streamlined sites are often effective and contain valuable information.

But this post is not about such sites, they get enough attention as it. This is post is about some odd corners of the Web. Sometimes hidden, yet pearls - for the right eyes.

You won't get to such sites by googling, if your search is not remarkably explicit. You get there by the hearsay of the Web, a personal recommendation, a link someone deliberately puts on their site or in a forum. The opposite of generated links when doing a search.

But now I am unfair. Perhaps.

Ask though, why we find some sites while we don't find others? Are the streamlined top 10 sites we get when googling always the best 'answers' to the 'question' we had? Maybe, maybe not.

I was amazed when I found my way to Legowelt, famous for his electronic music in some circles. Legowelt also has an art gallery with cool paintings, mixtapes, and host the now-dead The Shadow Wolf cyberpunk magazine, and much else.

If not writers I trust had recommended (with a link) The Grymoire, would I have found it? And if I did, would I browse around? Most likely not.

What meets the eye? A page seemingly from the nineties. It just does not look 'professional'. But as so happens, it is considered to be a treasure on Unix related material, sed, security, and the such and the last post is from 2019.

If we would judge such sites by aesthetics, we would not be fair. But most of all, we would make a mistake.

Legowelt may be experienced as hipsteresque with its retro vibes, but I wonder if this was deliberate when it was made? I don't know. And I don't care. I like The Grymoire and Legowelt because of the content, not because of their aesthetics.

In both cases, it seems to me they once did some kind of design, and that was that. Their focus has been to produce valuable content. To make the world and people tick.

What is quality? I don't know. But I know it when I experience it. And so do you, we all know quality. We know it when we hear, when we see, when we taste, feel, and even smell. Our views on what has quality may vary, but the experience of sensing quality is as such universal.

I know that I don't like nostalgia as a value in itself.

Things retro can be cute, but you don't like Stranger Things (if you do) because it nourishes your crave for things retro, because of nostalgia. If you, just like me, happend to play RPGs, play computer games, and bike around as a kid you feel nostalgia when watching, but this is not what makes the first season sparkle. It sparkles because it is good.

A bad comparison perhaps. Stranger Things very deliberately uses, I think, imagery, references, and music to produce certain feelings. And I see nothing deliberate in the aesthetics of The Grymoire and Legowelt, but I do experience splendid quality when visiting their homepages.