A seaswine. A mythical creature in Carta Marina

About me

Father. Husband. Developer. Writer. This is me. Also, my name is claes-magnus.

Before I was a programmer, I worked as an assistant at a library and wrote articles for Swedish magazines. I’m most proud of my articles in Liberal Debatt, Swedens oldest magazine in the liberal tradition. You can read my articles in print or for free at the website of Liberal Debatt. Also, I’ve written a few Science Fiction stories, i.e. a short story in 13 svarta sagor om superhjältar.

I have a degree in the history of ideas and philosophy, and have some education in programming. My interests are broad, I love reading.

Please mail me if you have any comments.

/ Claes-Magnus Berg

Some projects of mine

When I don’t program stuff, I love building Lego robots with my son:

Picture of the fantastic means lego provide


This project makes use of Dave Liepmanns interpretation of the design principles found in documents by Edward Tufte. My editor of choice is Neovim. The blog uses a minimalistic Node.js app as backend and is hosted at Oderland.